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Thursday, August 5, 2010

BlogHop 2010

Hi!  Welcome Bloghoppers to Mothers Who Know!

Today, I'm participating in Pensieve's Blog Hop '10 in honor of BlogHer.

I started Mothers Who Know as a place to share ideas (and hopefully gain some ideas from others) on how to live providently.  Provident living is using our resources, including time, money, and our stuff, wisely.  I participate in Works for Me Wednesday often (but not every week) sharing things that are working for our family, including ways that we teach our daughters about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

You will also find recipes that my family loves.  One of my goals with the recipes is to identify recipes that are naturally gluten-free that my family will eat.  This means recipes that don't require special ingredients to be gluten-free.

I am a stay at home mom.  After many years in the workplace, I started staying home shortly before our oldest daughter was born.  Since then, I take the approach that stretching my husband's income is my "job".  With that approach, we've been able to make it on one income (with some part-time work at home assistance periodically) and survived a summer-long unemployment in 2009.

So look around and hope to see you around again soon!


Amy Bennett said...

That's awesome you were able to move to SAHM. I've often thought stretching our income would be my job if I were to do that.

Happy hopping!

~michelle pendergrass said...

Great to meet you!

Stacy said...

Nice to meet you!! I need some tips on how to stretch our resources with our 1 income:) I will be coming back!

Country Gal said...

I've taken the same approach about work - my job is too stretch my husband's income! Things have been really tight at times - but God always provides!

Tracey said...

So nice to find your blog and "meet" you!

Too Much To Do So Little Time said...

I found you from BlogHop 2010. I am going to have to come back and check out your cooking and recipe sections in more detail. I love the freezer cooking idea... I never think to cook to freeze... thanks for the idea.

Bobbey said...

Hey there! Just stopped in from the BlogHop. A mom with recipes to share along with the word of God is a must add to my list. :) It's nice to meet you!

thediaperdiaries said...

Hopping around this morning!! I look at my "job" the exact same way. Frugal is the new black!! ;)

Sistergirl said...

Just HOPPIN' by, Its great to be able to stay at home. I will have to come back and visit.