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Friday, February 1, 2008

Straight and narrow path, or balance beam?

During my scripture study this morning, the phrase straight and narrow path caught me. It was one of those Ah-ha! moments. First, thoughts of Lehi's dream came to mind with the mist of darkness. Then I had the image of a balance beam. Kaylyn takes gymnastics each week and I watch her on the balance beam. Now her balance beam is not very far off the floor, but she can still fall. Her teacher has instructed her to look at a specific spot on the wall, not at her feet. This helps her keep her balance on this straight, but narrow beam she's walking on. Now what if that beam was crooked, changing directions on her? How often would she fall off?

Isn't it wonderful that the path to Heavenly Father doesn't change directions on us? Even when the mist of darkness overcomes us, we don't have to worry about upcoming turns in the path knocking us off course. And just like the balance beam, we need to keep our eye on our goal and we will be successful.

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