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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Contact confession and goal

I heard a story recently about a young woman I know. She questioned how much she was loved by her friends. So she stopped texting, blogging, facebooking, calling, visiting. And waited. Some friends checked on her pretty quickly. But others, it tooks weeks before they contacted her. Sound depressing? Well, more than depressing, it made me feel guilty. Because I had failed to contact her too.

I've been in this lady's place before so I immediately understood the story and how she felt. When Princess2 was born, I struggled. And I was so tired. So I didn't contact others. And no one contacted me, or very few. It definitely felt like no one. After awhile (months), I picked myself up and started making some contacts, generally using my calling as the push.

For me, I don't contact others because I wonder what I would have to share about me that anyone would be interested in. That's just my personality. It's not a lack of self-esteem. I generally like myself but think that others would find me boring or wouldn't be interested in the same thing. I am naturally an introvert and like staying home more than I like going out shopping or to the movies. Add to that how busy people are and it's easy to not make those contacts.

But after hearing the story, I wondered how many others out there that I don't hear from are feeling the same as this young woman or as I did when Princess2 was born. So I will be making an effort to simply contact those in (and out) of my immediate circle. So don't be surprised if I make a call to you for no reason other than to say hello; or I stop by unexpected with treats. If you need this too, you can leave a comment and you'll be on the top of the list. And if you're my friend on facebook, you won't be as surprised to find that a lot of the treats are going to be zucchini bread or brownies :)

So now I've written it down and shared my goal. Your job is to keep me accountable!

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