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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

WFMW - The one left behind

In a few weeks, Princess1 will be returning to school for 1st grade and Princess2 will be left behind. At the same time, we're hopeful that our period of unemployment will be ending by then too. What to do with Princess2 who is very attached to her sister and her daddy (she has always been a daddy's girl while Princess1 is more a mommy's girl).

So here's my plan:

#1. AT HOME SCHEDULE. It's essential to my sanity and to Princess2's that we have a daily schedule. It lets us both have time apart, time together, time to play and time to work. Last year's schedule worked really well but will have to be tweaked with the absence of naps now.

#2. TREATS. I will be coming up with special activities for us to enjoy those first weeks - a trip to the zoo, a trip to Bass Pro, the park (once it cools down some).

#3. OUTING SCHEDULE. In addition to our time at home and special outings, I want to set up some regular outings - storytime at the Library and the Nature Center, gymnastics class (pending employment), regular playdates.

#4. SPECIAL TIME WITH SISSY. I will be having a talk with Princess1 about dedicating some time to her sister when she gets home from school.

#5. SPECIAL TIME WITH DADDY. Princess2 has gotten into the routine this past week of waking up early so she can crawl in between us in our bed while we're studying the scriptures to snuggle with her daddy. Half the time she falls back asleep but she has some private Daddy (and a little Mommy) time. We need to make sure that she still gets that time with him.

And I'm hoping these Work for me. For more back to school ideas and tips, check out Works for Me Wednesday at We Are THAT Family.

On a second note, we learned to NOT walk home from school last year with Princess1. She would be so tired at the end of the day, that walking home pushed her over the edge and we had GROUCHY girl! By driving home, she would then share her day and be cheerful to be around. Too bad I didn't figure this out until May :(

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