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Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Meditation - D&C 88:41-44

One of the many focuses I plan for 2010 is studying the lessons for Sunday School and Relief Society. As I studied for the 2nd Sunday lesson in Relief Society, D&C 88:41-44 was a scripture referenced to learn the attributes on God.

The overall impression I get from this scripture and other scriptures is that Heavenly Father has a plan in all He does. Everything has a seaon, a timing, a purpose.

I don't believe that Heavenly Father controls everything in our lives as I believe He has gifted us each with free agency. This gives each of us choices and someone else's choices may impact our lives. So no, I don't believe that he causes something to happen to us. (On a side note, I do believe that anything that does happen to us by our choice or someone elses or by natural circumstances, CAN be used by Him to help us grow and CAN have a purpose.) I also believe that, actually make that I know that He knows us so well that He knows the choices we each are going to make and what those natural consequences will be. Anyway, back to my thoughts on this scripture.

Everything He does has a plan and a purpose. So as we strive to imitate him (remember this is the definition of worship), we should have a purpose and a plan for the things that we do.

So the choices I make today, what is their purpose? We went to a basketball game the other day. Did that have a plan and a purpose? Yes it did. The plan included when we would go and how we would get there. The purpose - to spend time having fun as a family. And we did.

Is to have fun a good reason to do something? First, The Family: A Proclamation to the World tells that we should have wholesome recreational activities as part of our family. Next, does Heavenly Father have fun? I believe He does because I've seen enough evidence of Him having a sense of humor. I also know that it's in our nature to have or desire fun and we are made in His image. All this leads me to say Yes, to have fun is a good reason to choose something as long as the choice is not detrimental to your spiritual or physical well being.

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MO Sisty said...

Hi Eden, I enjoyed your Monday Meditation, and I agree, BALANCE is key to everything in our lives from our diets to our activities. Keep up the good work!