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Friday, March 19, 2010

Easter Bunny on Saturday?

I'm posing a question.  I don't know who exactly who reads this blog but I expect answers!  I have 12 subscribers on Google Reader, plus 5 followers through Blogger.  Plus all those of you who just read it whenever you want (but I'll tell you I love subscribing on Google Reader so that I don't have to keep checking the blogs I like).  So please post a comment with your thoughts on the following question....

Several of our friends have asked the Easter bunny to come on Saturday instead of on Easter Sunday so that Easter is spent focused on the Savior.  We've never done this but I've been thinking of bringing it up to Adam to discuss it.  And then I had the thought if the Easter bunny distracts from the sacredness of Easter, what about when Christmas is on Sunday?  Should we ask Santa to come on Christmas Eve rather than Christmas?  But I'm not sure I want to do that.  If I do Easter, do I HAVE to do Christmas the same way?

Your thoughts please!


The Price Family said...

I like the idea of having the Easter bunny come on Saturday! We may just have to adopt this new tradition. It would absolutely cut down on the chaos and sugar-high of Easter morning, and completely allow a more sacred Easter celebration. I don't think you have to do Christmas the same way. Since Christmas lands on a Sunday so infrequently, I don't think it's as much of an issue (at least for me). Plus, If I changed it, I would have to do it a whole day before because Santa comes at night when you're sleeping and you have to wake up to gifts under the tree. That's a tradition I couldn't bring myself to change. Just my 2 cents!

JaredandVicki said...

I think Easter Bunny on Saturday is an excellent idea! We try to keep Sunday mornings as peaceful as possible but Easter Sunday has never run that way with all the excitement. I like the idea of separating the two celebrations of Easter. We did ask Santa to come early one year because of traveling and it did not take away from how special the day was. I don't think you necessarily need to change Christmas but could play it by ear year by year depending on your family's needs during the given year's holiday celebrations.