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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

WFMW - Sore Throat Remedy

As I was growing up, any time we got a sore throat, this was the remedy we used. Once I was out on my own, I remember the first time I thought to use the remedy. I was working at a large medical group practice in Florida. I knew I didn't have the remedy at home so I headed over to the orthopedic department (I was friends with one of the doctors and several of the nurses) to see if they had some. They did. BUT, they were astonished with what I wanted to do with it. I assured them I would be fine and they finally relented and let me use some of the item. The next day, I was back at work without any sign of a sore throat. They were amazed. I wonder if any of them ever thought to use it themselves.

Once I got married, it was time I bought some of this magic cure. My husband, like those nurses, was skeptical the first time he saw me use it. But now, after almost 15 years of marriage, it's his first thought when his throat gets scratchy. And he was most disappointed the other day to discover we didn't have any - I had cleaned out the medicine cabinet and thrown it away because it was expired.

So what is this magic sore throat remedy? Betadine!

The other day I saw on the internet that it used to be an accepted treatment at home but is one of those that people don't know about any more.

Directions - fill a bathroom cup (8 oz) with warm water. Add about 4 drops of betadine and swirl. Then gargle with this warm solution and spit it out into your sink. Do NOT swallow! Repeat as needed.

I generally do not use the whole cup unless my throat is already really sore. If I do this at the first hint of a scratchy throat, I generally don't get a sore throat. I use warm water because it is more soothing to a scratchy throat than cold water. And I make sure to rinse my cup thoroughly after I'm done.

Betadine is normally with the first aid supplies at your local discount store. The 8 oz bottle I bought last week (to replace the one I threw away) was around $11. But it lasts for years, or until it expires. You can also use it on cuts.

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good to know E! Thanks sooooo much!